When was the last time you did something for the first time?

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

In the latter part of 2021 aka part 2 of the covid19 pandemic, one day as I routinely checked my email inbox, I received an invitation to participate in a conversation style platform that showcases African authors. 

The invitation came from the Old Mutual Women’s network in Namibia. God/the universe truly has everything figured out…the timing which has been chosen for me to meet with and engage these women couldn’t be more by design. 

Lindelwa a few years ago- shy, quiet, had opinions but would not voice them, debilitating imposter syndrome, attached to child hood trauma issues…the list is endless. 

Life needed to happen to crack my shell open, to open me up so I could step up and into who I was always destined to become.

Fast-forward, I am due to honour the invitation to Namibia (Windhoek) between 24-27 February 2022. 2 days prior to me travelling, I catch a dreadful stomach bug. I couldn’t eat anything, my temperature was high, all I managed to do was lay in foetal position in between bathroom visits. “Why why why now? How am I going to be sick alone in a foreign land with strangers…

Leaving my 10months daughter with my mother and the nanny, off I go. First international trip in 2 years…

  • first time leaving an almost toddler 
  • First time travelling unwell
  • First time travelling to Namibia
  • First time being invited as an author 

Mindblown, mild anxiety…but the weeks leading up to the event, I had to condition my mind, I had to affirm myself. Life was happening everyday, good and challenging things, I had to stay focused.

And I did! 13 000 rsvp’s, 14 000 clicks, 3 000 social media shares….views, likes, comments…wow!

What made the moment magical for me was the energy of the team that put the event together. A group of very mature, professional and graceful people. The conversation host (Mauriza Fredericks) is born to be on a stage with Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama- energetic, graceful, poised, experienced. We moved from one media house, to the next as well as some cultural experiences.

A year prior to this, I had no idea that this would happen. Faith is truly believing in the things that are unseen. But knowing with all your heart it will happen! I am soo grateful for the ways in which my maker uses me as a vessel when I surrender. 

In order to attract the abundance in health, wealth, love, I am challenging myself to surrender more and more and even more. Life is truly about remembering who you are and all that is buried inside of you. 

Until the next time, I do something for the first time! Wishing you plenty of those moments too!

Love and Lyt 



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