The Journey to self discovery

The Journey to self discovery

You know, I’ve heard in many love songs that “you have to lose yourself, to find yourself”, until I literally experienced it. In came a season in my life, where I thought I had it all figured out, I thought and got external validation that I look like I “have it together”….Huh…Won’t that all crumble in a second when the foundations are wrong.

Well, it may be a bit unfair on myself to label the foundations as entirely “wrong” because when 50% of your life (if you are 30+) is based on other people’s choices for your life, when do you really start playing an active role in shaping and defining that for yourself?

I recall having a conversation with my friend asking, “why don’t they teach us to find our purpose from Grade 0? Why must I fall and stumble upon this need at a later stage?”…There are many potential answers to this, and I would be keen to hear your views on that.

Alas- the birth of Indima Yam, amidst birthing a book and a human, was imminent. Indima Yam is just that- an organisation, a movement, through various tools and channels, seeks to assist, nudge and guide you towards your true inner light. We are all born with this. But by no fault of our own, this light either gets dimmed or people and experiences allow this light to shine so bright, that is cannot be ignored. 

In this here 2022, allow us at Indima Yam to walk with you, to guide you back to you, to journey bac to yourself.

#Khumhlope #Kuyakhanya
Lindelwa (Lyts)


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