Lyt Conversations: Self-Love, Self-Care with Dr Tega Edwin

Lyt Conversations: Self-Love, Self-Care with Dr Tega Edwin

Join us for our LYT (pronounced light) conversations! This February we are talking all things “Self-Love, Self-Care”! And we’ll be bringing you only the best guests to guide us unpack what this means, what it can look like.

Our first conversation will be with the incredible Dr Tega Edwin (@hercareerdoctor)

Dr. Tega Edwin is an award-winning career development researcher, educator, and speaker. She’s the owner of Her Career Doctor, where she helps women who are unhappy at work get clear about who they are to find a fulfilling career and job search with confidence.

Making self-loving decisions to attain a fulfilling career

Some key take-outs from the conversation between Dr Tega Edwin and Lindelwa this evening include:
– Know who you are
– Spend time self-reflecting
– The above allows you to be confident in yourself
– Discover who you are called/destined to be
– Invest in yourself to see the transformation you seek: in a coach, a book, podcast, therapist…all the above if you choose

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