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We exist to help guide you towards yourself as a young professional on the African continent, in the world and in the workplace. 

Our Story

Indima Yam = My Role, My Purpose

The act of understanding the "I" to focus on ones "Y".

We exist to work with you in guiding you to yourself, as a young professional in the African continent, in the world and in the workplace.

The world of work can sometimes feel lonely, overwhelming and difficult.

Based on the lessons shared in the Black Girl's Guide to Corporate South Africa, author and founder Lindelwa Skenjana wishes to create a platform where the learnings will evolve, be nurtured, be archived and live beyond the confines of South Africa.


To empower the next, younger generation of (Black) women with tools in order to become the best version of themselves professionally and personally.


Creating a continent, workplaces and a world with empowered Black Women who use their voice and many talents for the greater good. Using self-care, self-awareness as the grounding for success.

Founder: Lindelwa Skenjana

Indima Yam is founded and created by Lindelwa Skenjana: Mother, Author, Speaker, Thinker and Feeler.

Lindelwa is a marketing professional by training, she brings a depth of expertise across different industries such as telecommunications, management consulting, financial services and SMME development.

She has applied her knowledge and skill set in these different industries which have sharpened her ability to apply different sets of tools, innovation and critical thinking. She has had the pleasure of working with diverse professionals from all walks of life.

Lindelwa draws her core inspiration from meeting, learning and exchanging with people from all over the world, across generations, young and old. Whilst being rooted in Africa, having travelled to four of the seven continents of the world, through experiences Lindelwa has come to appreciate the similarities in Black women's corporate experiences globally. On the basis of this realisation it is therefore important to create spaces that nurture discourse that connect us to ourselves and to each other.

Lindelwa dedicates her life's work to Black women, mothers, decision makers & leaders to prioritize the hard inner work in order to achieve sustainable external success.

Past Speaking Engagements

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