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We take a holistic approach to mentorship which takes into consideration the differing stages of ones career path. Below are the bespoke offerings to meet your particular needs in order to achieve success in navigating a fulfilling career in a corporation.
This is a virtual community of women who are BOLD, brave and busy. Pursuing inner fulfillment in order to attain sustainable external fulfillment is a demanding, time consuming and intense journey to embark on.
The intention of our virtual book (review) club is for IYBC to be a virtual repository of the amazing black female literature which exists, from all over the world!

Mentorship Testimonials

Sinothando Manala IY Mentorship Mentee

I was mentored by Lindelwa Skenjana informally for two years and formally for one year.

The two years of being in contact with Lindelwa was a buildup that validated to me the importance of having a mentor that is a good fit for you. Lindelwa came into my life when there was a lot of uncertainty. I was at a cross road, stuck between being a Honours student and pursuing entrepreneurship or being a Honours student and looking for an 8am to 5pm.

Lindelwa encouraged me to start journaling coupled with a series of ongoing inspiring and encouraging conversations, books to read and scheduled meetings with individuals she felt could also contribute towards my journey. Thank you Lindelwa for availing yourself and sharing your truth. I hope you continue to make your mark in other young people’s lives.

Boitumelo Mathabathe IY Mentorship Mentee

Lindelwa Skenjana has been a hugely helpful mentor who is very approachable, especially for someone as experienced as she is. She believes in aiding her mentees however she can in different stages of their career and/or life. Lindelwa's advice is always easy to comprehend and she can analyse situations from different and relevant perspectives. Furthermore, she grounds her advice in the context given and thus, is particularly relatable. Being her mentee has been an absolute pleasure.

Nkuli Manqina IY Mentorship Mentee

Lindelwa’s mentoring helped get me confident enough to make my choices and moves regarding my future which I cannot thank her enough for. I loved that she always lended an ear to my woes and worries. From there she was able to help me constructively work my way out of those with practical steps.

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